Tuesday , 24 April 2018
profesional and personal development courses in Lagodekhi

profesional and personal development courses in Lagodekhi

Inside this project is opened professional and personal development courses. Psychologist’s and lawyer’s consultation. In this project 3 months courses are already implemented. In Vardisubani we have handicraft course and in Heretiskari we have cutting and sewing courses. The second stage will start soon. In Leliani and Lagodekhi is being manager course, in which are 5 groups and 60 listeners. Also in Leliani is opened fruit production course and knowledge courses. We have planned also beekeeping and cutting and sawing courses. In these courses are registered 196 people. Inside this project is being treinings for self-government and leaders about the migration. The project is funded by EU helping „DVV international“- his partniorship. The project started in July 11, 2016 and will be finished in 12 july 2017

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